Conference Day One - Tuesday, 8 March

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You can attend the Women in Procurement & Supply Chain conference in-person or virtual, though in-depth learning workshop sessions are in-person only.

Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand

Roadmap for the future of procurement

Human Rights responsibilities and the role supply chain plays in conducting business legally and ethically
  • Making responsible sourcing decisions to ensure you are addressing critical issues across the supply chain
  • Understanding the importance of developing and supporting an ethical supply chain
  • Clarifying how to minimise the impacts of adverse human rights violations in your supply chain that can arise during ongoing business relationships

Georgina Owens
Head of Technology and Corporate Procurement

Analysing the top emerging global trends in procurement and supply chain management
  • Reviewing your existing procurement strategy to enable long-term planning and cost-effective supply acquisition
  • Deep diving into the top emerging trends on a global scale and determining how you can adapt your procurement strategies to make the most of them
  • Embracing risk management, resilience, and agility to futureproof your procurement strategies against ongoing global disruption

Christel Martin
Director Procurement Excellence
Transport for NSW

Vendorpanel session

Linda Scott
Head of Sales & Solutions

Morning tea and networking
Supply chain resilience in the COVID environment

Case Study: Supply chain resilience – how to pause a cruise line

Jeremy Goodman
Director of Supply Chain
Carnival Australia

Technological innovation & the modern supply chain

Digitising the procurement process: how effective use of data will revolutionise the future of procurement and strategic sourcing
  • Allowing for next-generation data to perform a more detailed analysis of your procurement processes and to streamline manual, routine, procurement tasks
  • Uncovering how using the latest technological innovations – such as AI or Blockchain – can make your procurement more predictable and aid in managing how much you spend
  • Discussing the main barriers to digitising the procurement processes and best practice strategies to overcome them
Lunch and networking

Panel Discussion: Using technology and strategy to enhance the future of supply chain and procurement
  • What are some of the critical innovations needed to modernise and streamline supply chain and procurement?
  • What level of impact do you think advances such as AI, Augmented Intelligence, and Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility will have on the day-to-day operations of the supply chain?
  • Is the use of Digital Twins technology being used to its full potential?
  • How can companies overcome fractured data ecosystems, and what strategies can be implemented to ensure you can fully use predictive and advanced analytics?


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand


Sharyn County
General Manager Procurement – Property and Fleet

Karin Ragel
Head of Supply Chain Risk

Molley Qi
Head of Procurement
Manningham Council

Lindy Chen
Frethan Technology

Transforming your supply chain through innovation and cutting-edge technology
  • Understanding how technology will change the way supply chains are managed in a post-pandemic environment through increased agility and flexibility
  • Adopting technology to boost transparency across the supply chain such as beginning-to-end IoT to increase real-time monitoring and increase ROI
  • Using technology to move beyond monitoring supplier compliance to actively collaborating with suppliers to ensure improved social, economic, and environmental performance

Lynn Penny
Group General Manager – Procurement

Fireside Chat

My leadership journey: One-on-One with Mary Wooldridge, Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

In this exclusive discussion, Mary Wooldridge, Director, Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), will discuss her leadership journey. The discussion will cover her triumphs, challenges, and the obstacles she has overcome along the way.


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand

Afternoon tea and networking

Interactive Champagne Roundtables

Interactive champagne roundtables provide attendees with the opportunity to divide into groups and discuss niche ideas, gain practical tips, and work through challenges faced by other executives from multiple industries.

Each roundtable will begin with a brief presentation by the moderator, who will then open the discussion to the table.

You’ll be able to choose three of the below to attend on the day so make sure you give it some thought. Each roundtable will run concurrently over three-time slots:

  • 1st round:  15:30 – 16:00
  • 2nd round: 16:00 – 16:30
  • 3rd round:  16:30 – 17:00

Topics to choose from include:

1. Supply chain disaster planning 101


Ro Coroneos
(Acting) Head of Supply Chain Risk

2. Developing and supporting a circular supply chain


Lisa McLean
Chief Executive Officer
NSW Circular

3. Harnessing diverse talent to create a high quality, innovative team


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand

4. Increasing your interpersonal skills to enhance your supplier relationship management


Catherine Hollyman
Founder | Leadership Communication Coach and Consultant
Behind the Scenes Communications

Closing remarks from the Chair
Networking Drinks
Official Event Dinner